YouTube Won't Exist In 5 Years. Here's Why.

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YouTube Won't Exist In 5 Years. Here's Why.
YouTube Won't Exist In 5 Years. Here's Why.
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YouTube might not exist in 5 or 10 years because of a few bad decisions, here’s why.
Susan Wojcicki is ruining Youtube by some bad business decisions and selling lots of youtube’s creativity for big profits at a big cost, making youtube bad and is why youtube is now trash. Here’s why Youtube sucks nows, and the golden age of youtube is dead and tiktok is taking over youtube. Here’s why youtube is dying. It all comes from Youtube’s business strategy and business model making money from killing youtube’s creativity.

Inspired by:
– justmehibi’s ‘Susan Wojcicki is Ruining YouTube’
– Jack Gordon’s ‘Tiktok is eating Youtube Alive’

00:00 – Youtube Won’t Exist In 5 Years
01:10 – The Origins
06:43 – Cleanfox
08:18 – The Golden Years
12:25 – The Turning Point
14:38 – The Decline
20:02 – Youtube v Tiktok

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