Will the PS3 Online Servers Shutdown in 2024?

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Will the PS3 Online Servers Shutdown in 2024?
Will the PS3 Online Servers Shutdown in 2024?
For years, people have tried to predict when the PS3 Online service will shutdown. Although it is still going strong well into 2024, there still signs that it might happen sooner than we think..

In today’s video, i will be giving you a timeline of events, where the PS3 stands now, what it will look like when it is offline and how you can help the community while it is still online.

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00:00 – Introduction
0:36 – First Signs of Shutdown
3:28 – Recent Game Servers Shutdowns
4:26 – How The Community Keeps It Alive
6:02 – So When Will It Shutdown?
7:50 – What to Expect After It Happens
9:27 – How You Can Help The PS3 Community
10:48 – Outro/ Final Remarks

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