Why Is My iPhone Hot? 12 Fixes! [2023]

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Why Is My iPhone Hot? 12 Fixes! [2023]
Why Is My iPhone Hot? 12 Fixes! [2023]
David and David tell you about 12 ways to fix a hot iPhone. iPhones get hot for two main reasons:

– They’re left out in a hot environment.
– The CPU gets revved up to 100% for an extended period of time.

The tips in this video will help you diagnose and fix both reasons why an iPhone gets hot!

1. Introduction [0:00]
2. Keep Your iPhone In The Shade [0:37]
3. Close Out Your Apps [1:22]
4. Check For Problem Apps In Settings [1:52]
5. Check For App Updates [3:03]
6. Delete And Reinstall Problem Apps [3:40]
7. Check Battery Usage In Settings [4:08]
8. Turn Off Third-Party Widgets [5:04]
9. Update iOS On Your iPhone [5:29]
10. Restart Your iPhone [5:59]
11. Reset All Settings [6:23]
12. DFU Restore Your iPhone [7:07]
13. Contact Apple Support [7:43]

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