Why Gears Was A FAILURE

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Why Gears Was A FAILURE
Why Gears Was A FAILURE
Why Gears 4-5 Failed Where the original trilogy Thrived.

I said this last time but it’s video also did take a bit too long to make I was getting kind of distracted but I think it’s a higher quality when it takes longer so.

the next video is going to be about God of War and I have to play the new game which is going to take a while.

0:00 – intro
0:29 – feel this scene daddy
1:56 – Press triangle
2:14 – starting with Gears 4
3:14 ‐ Pirates of war
4:34 – the story
5:08 – the enimes
6:20 – Gears 5
7:13 – this blew my mind
7:39 – Carmine
8:04 – Final thoughts
9:23 – outro
9:35 – secret freckle

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– https://youtu.be/aveRjcP3uJ8
– https://youtu.be/7picaNhrUV4

random video
– https://youtu.be/s9CdUZwmOmo

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