Why Do Open World Games Feel Exhausting?

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Why Do Open World Games Feel Exhausting?
Why Do Open World Games Feel Exhausting?
Some of my favorite video games are open world, but why do open world games feel exhausting?

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild[b] is a 2017 action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U consoles. Breath of the Wild is part of the Legend of Zelda franchise and is set at the end of the Zelda timeline; the player controls Link, who awakens from a hundred-year slumber to defeat Calamity Ganon and save the kingdom of Hyrule.

Similar to the original 1986 The Legend of Zelda game, players are given little instruction and can explore the open world freely. Tasks include collecting various items to aid in objectives such as puzzle-solving or side quests. The world is unstructured and designed to reward experimentation, and the story can be completed in a nonlinear fashion.

Development of Breath of the Wild took place over five years. Wanting to reinvent the series, Nintendo introduced elements such as a detailed physics engine, high-definition visuals, and voice acting. Monolith Soft, known for their work in the open-world Xenoblade Chronicles series, assisted in designing landscapes and topography. The game was originally planned for release in 2015 as a Wii U exclusive title but was delayed twice. Released on March 3, 2017, Breath of the Wild was a launch game for the Nintendo Switch and the final Nintendo-published game for the Wii U. Two downloadable content expansions were released later in 2017.

Red Dead Redemption 2[a] is a 2018 action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games. The game is the third entry in the Red Dead series and is a prequel to the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption. The story is set in 1899 in a fictionalized representation of the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States and follows outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang. Arthur must deal with the decline of the Wild West whilst attempting to survive against government forces, rival gangs, and other adversaries. The story also follows fellow gang member John Marston, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

The game is presented through both first and third-person perspectives, and the player may freely roam in its interactive open world. Gameplay elements include shootouts, heists, hunting, horseback riding, interacting with non-player characters, and maintaining the character’s honor rating through moral choices and deeds. A bounty system similar to the /”wanted/” system from the Grand Theft Auto franchise governs the response of law enforcement and bounty hunters to crimes committed by the player.

The game’s development lasted over eight years, beginning soon after Red Dead Redemption’s release, and it became one of the most expensive video games ever made. Rockstar co-opted all of its studios into one large team to facilitate development. They drew influence from real locations as opposed to film or art, focused on creating an accurate reflection of the time with the game’s characters and world. The game was Rockstar’s first built specifically for eighth generation consoles, having tested their technical capabilities while porting Grand Theft Auto V to the platforms. The game’s soundtrack features an original score composed by Woody Jackson and several vocal tracks produced by Daniel Lanois.

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