What Happened To Sony?

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What Happened To Sony?
What Happened To Sony?
Sony is one of the most iconic electronics companies of all time. From the Walkman to their modern TVs, Sony has been one of the longest-living electronics companies in the world, but more recently, Sony hasn’t been doing all that well. You see, ever since the turn of the decade, Sony has been slowly losing industry after industry, and during the worst of it, they were actually posting losses for several years. Much of this was due to stiff competition in all of their core industries from players like Apple, Samsung, and LG. But, much of this was also due to questionable leadership that didn’t quite understand the value proposition of Sony. Despite all these headwinds though, it seems that Sony has actually started to make a turnaround. They’re by no means close to their peak but they are in a sustainable profitable position which is a lot better than many of their Japanese peers. This video explains the rise and fall of Sony and what happened to Sony.

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0:00 – State Of Sony
2:22 – Stiff Competition
7:12 – Sony Drops The Ball
10:41 – Market Headwinds


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