Unboxing & Registering PlayStation 5 Slim

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Unboxing & Registering PlayStation 5 Slim
Unboxing & Registering PlayStation 5 Slim
Do you love your PlayStation 5, but hate how big and heavy it is? Do you dream of playing your favorite games on the road, without compromising on quality or performance? Then you need the PS5 Slim, the most incredible console ever designed. The PS5 Slim is a tiny version of the PlayStation 5, but with all the similar power and features. You can enjoy amazing graphics, realistic physics, and lightning-fast loading times on a device that you can carry with one finger. Well, maybe not one finger, but definitely one hand. Don’t hesitate to grab the most fun and fantastic console ever created!

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0:00 – Unboxing console
0:43 – Showing box content
0:45 – PS5 Slim
1:57 – PS5 Slim Hardware Differences
2:05 – Connecting console to power
4:08 – Setting up console
5:34 – Always Use Ethernet Cable
6:14 – Console, Controller & Game showcase

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