Trio Railblade Progression (1-20) Deepwoken

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Trio Railblade Progression (1-20) Deepwoken
Trio Railblade Progression (1-20) Deepwoken
I made a trio prog. Hope you like it 🙂

Credit to
Toby Fox for the song Dating Start
Toby Fox for the song Ruins
Concerned Ape for the song Tropicala
Sundance_Tango for the song Insight Remix
Persona five for the songs Beneath the Mask, Life Will Change, and Last Surprise
Doug Maxwell for the song Jazz Piano Bar
Concerned Ape for the song The Sun Can Bend an Orange Sky
Ayoshutduff for the song Phazon Lights
Phoqus for the song Frost Invasion Lobby
AIMATUL KHASANAH for the song Enchanted Melodies
Vendy Drd for the song Tower Defense Simulator OST – Lobby (Lofi Remix)
Also Huge thanks to my friends Squidkid92 and TribeMasterCat

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