The Problem with DLSS 3.5: Ray Reconstruction

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The Problem with DLSS 3.5: Ray Reconstruction
The Problem with DLSS 3.5: Ray Reconstruction

DLSS 3.5: Ray Reconstruction just released in Cyberpunk 2.0: Phantom Liberty. So I tested it…

We go through first impressions, as well, an in-depth look of side-by-sides to see if ray reconstruction is actually the future of gaming or just a marketing gimmick. It has its ups and downs. Feels bad that you HAVE to use it with RT Overdrive which means that most people probably can’t use this feature any way because it is SO insanely demanding (even with upscaling).


0:00- Setting the scene
1:22- Experiencing DLSS 3.5: Ray Reconstruction
3:40- Pros and Cons of RR
4:45- How did this happen?
5:15- RR Performance (FPS)
5:51- Ghosting and visual bugs
6:45- Improved Reflections and Sharpness
9:20- Ghosting is VERY Noticeable
10:30- Is Ray Reconstruction EVEN Better??
12:18- Does it matter?

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