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The Forbidden World of BANNED Games - Caddicarus
The Forbidden World of BANNED Games – Caddicarus
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Okay, it’s more accurately banned retro games, but you get the point – the title wouldn’t be as snappy. A few years back, Caddy took a look at a banned PS1 game – or at least, an unreleased PS1 game from the scary world of unreleased games – and no, this isn’t a video game creepypasta talking about lost video games in the deep web or anything unless you’re talking about my brief mention of Sad Satan on the dark web – this was an old video about Thrill Kill, a footnote in the world of controversial games that never was allowed to be released on the PlayStation. This sparked an idea for an even bigger video in which Caddy decided to look online for other games unavailable in the UK or taken off the shelves for various reasons, and point and laugh at them – including ones that were censored, or that have uncensored versions available through….less than favourable means. Today you’ll be seeing Thrill Kill gameplay with a Thrill Kill review, A Manhunt 2 review featuring Manhunt 2 gameplay on the PS2 with Manhunt PS2 gameplay, Manhunt 2 PC gameplay with tonnes of clips of Manhunt 2 uncensored, Postal 2 gameplay on PC with a Postal 2 review with obvious reasons for Postal 2 banned, Marvel’s The Punisher Xbox gameplay or The Punisher Marvel PS2 gameplay that was censored even though I do include uncensored interrogations and a The Punisher review, Carmageddon PS1 gameplay exclusive to Europe since the Carmageddon 1 PC released was banned for controversy – despite the original Carmageddon censored itself and the PS1 version is basically exactly the same except with zombies – and even some bonuses from a certain BMX PS2 game that I got for the original Xbox in the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX gameplay series – well, it was more accurately supposed to be Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 before…..stuff happened – and even some Amiga gameplay from a certain Amiga 500 game involving…well, I can’t say, otherwise YouTube will cancel me. But it also came out on the Commodore 64 games list, so maybe that should be enough of a hint.

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