The Dark Side of Modern Forza

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The Dark Side of Modern Forza
The Dark Side of Modern Forza
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Update 2023/4/17:
Forza updated their code of conduct:
We yet have to see how it turns out in action, but here are the supposed changes:

1. /”cheating/hacking to gain an unfair advantage on the road with race results, credits, or XP/” is bannable. Unclear if it includes glitches and exploits.

2. Only /”Unapproved Modding/” is now bannable, although i don’t buy it since one of the community leader groups recently banned model replacements (ex. replacing forza aero), and /”modifying game files/” is still bannable in any way.

3. /”Auction House automated scripts, stream-sniping, piracy, and more/” are now bannable. Not sure how you /”stream-snipe/” in a racing game. You can snipe the lobby but you can’t cause any harm without violating other rules.

4. /”leaking unannounced content/” is now against their code of conduct. Basically activating Rockstar mode

5. /”Violators can experience initial warning messages, and suspension times ranging from 24 hours, to 1 month, to permanent account and console bans, all depending on the severity of the violation and the frequency at which you are collecting these violations/”
Positive change. Bans used to be 7 days at minimum.

6. /”These suspensions can be enacted to remove player access from specific features from the game like matchmaking or using the Auction House and will result depending on the type of violations/”
Positive change. Some bans no longer lock you out of every feature.

7. Ban appeals are supposed to matter now. /”We will always have a different moderator evaluate the appeal than the moderator who issued the suspension/” although they started hiding employee nicknames in tickets. We yet have to see this in action along with other changes.

Overall these changes only make the bans not have as big of an impact anymore. Barely a step in the right direction


In case of ban immunity, it was only implemented well into FH4’s life cycle. I also have another example of reporting a large Forza creator (100k followers) for blatantly ramming in a public lobby on multiple instances (ramming is a bannable offense This person did not get banned and I would rather not share his identity for now.


0:00 Introduction
0:30 Forza Horizon 5 Release
2:12 Forza Motorsport
2:54 Going Deep
3:33 Bans
4:13 Bans: B.M.
5:36 Community Leaders: PTG
7:15 Forza Mods: forza-painter
8:47 Forza Mods: The Rest
10:18 Community Leaders: H5UK
11:11 Bans: Immunity
11:50 Competitive Forza Intro
12:13 Community Leaders: Team Wars
13:10 Forza Racing Championship & Tora
14:10 Competitive Forza: Horizon
14:29 Competitive Forza & Devs
15:19 Conclusion
15:50 Final Thoughts
9:46 Take 2 Interactive logo was meant to be used

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