Remnant 2 – Vault of the Formless Collectibles (Flooded Event, Zombie Horde, Stasis Pods)

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Remnant 2 - Vault of the Formless Collectibles (Flooded Event, Zombie Horde, Stasis Pods)
Remnant 2 – Vault of the Formless Collectibles (Flooded Event, Zombie Horde, Stasis Pods)
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This location shares secrets and some rooms can appear in similar dungeons to this one, for example some collectibles that are appearing in Void Vessel Facility, and Putrid Domain appeared here as well. Almost all optional dungeons in this world share rooms in dungeons, so have that in mind. Some collectibles, on the other hand, are tied specifically to a certain dungeon.

I will show you 2 secret collectibles that are considered collectibles of Void Vessel Facility, but i got them here and in putrid domain – it’s for the Rerouting Cable and Blackout rings.

The Flooded Event – This can be tried only once! If you die during the water raising, you can’t retry until
reroll adventure. It seems only 1 ring is unique, others are random. It also appears in other dungeons such as Putrid Domain. You can backup your save before attempting, and download the save if you fail, so you can retry if you want.

There is also a secret with Statis Pods before the boss fight area of this level, also possible to get in other dungeons. I will show it here, it’s the same in The Putrid Domain for example or other areas.

Lastly, do not forget to get couple of secrets during the boss fight, altough you can return to get them after doing the fight, but this video will show them all as they come in your way. I hope this video helps, cheers!

0:00 – Defensive Action Loop (Random)
0:25 – The Flooded Room Event (Subterfuge Link Ring)
3:50 – Reserve Boosting Gem (Random, got it on my next reroll)
4:05 – Secrets: Rerouting Cable & Blackout Ring
5:43 – Stasis Pod Chamber Secrets: Momentum Driver Ring & Atom Splitter melee weapon
7:05 – Zombie Horde Event start
9:45 – Zombie Horde Event Secret #1 (wait in the second rotating cart): House Lythia Glyph quest item
10:18 Zombie Horde Event Secret #2 (next to Glyph): Metal Driver ring
11:10 – Zombie Horde Event start from Secret #1 Glyph
12:11 – Zombie Horde Event end: Fitness Trait
12:30 – Zombie Horde Event end secrets: Rupture Cannon

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