RDR2 – If you go off script 13

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RDR2 - If you go off script 13
RDR2 – If you go off script 13
Red dead redemption 2 gameplay

The material is made to entertain you my dear friends, do not take everything seriously, with love to you.

00:00 – /”Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern/”

00:38 – /”Guarma/”

01:19 – /”Interactions with ships/”

02:05 – /”Funeral/”

02:41 – /”He’s British, of Course/”

03:34 – /”Social Calls With Mr. MacGuire/”

04:25 – /”Red Dead Redemption/”

05:48 – /”Simon Pearson Store/”

06:28 – /”Interaction with the camp/”

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