PlayStation Customers Are Suing them for 7.9 Billion

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PlayStation Customers Are Suing them for 7.9 Billion
PlayStation Customers Are Suing them for 7.9 Billion
The lawsuit against PlayStation has moved onto the next step and PlayStation is looking at a 7.9 Billion dollar lawsuit. The argument is that PlayStation charged developers 30% more which led to players being charged more. This is huge PlayStation news that they likely did not want to hear given recent events at the company, but this has been ongoing since 2019.

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Original Story: A consumer rights advocacy group is suing Sony PlayStation for 5 Billion pounds which would net each person around 67 – 562 or in USD 78.82 – 661.12. This was originally reported by Sky News and it seems to have some legs. The case reports that Sony overcharged by as much as 30% for their digital games since 2016. This is massive PlayStation news today and it could mean a significant payout for customers. PlayStation sued for 5 billion pounds is not a small suit. This PlayStation class action lawsuit UK case is ongoing so it will take time to see if this PS news today is paid out in the near future for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners. The PlayStation lawsuit update for the US was the last that it was dismissed. However, the PlayStation lawsuit compensation could be around 67 to 652 pounds. PS5 news around this would mean at least a game worth of reimbursement. The Sony class action lawsuit PS5 owners should know about is this one, but for now, the Sony lawsuit UK case is only applicable to them. Gaming news for PlayStation has not been the most positive as late and with this PlayStation class action lawsuit settlement imminent, this PS5 news and general PS news today could be less than favorable for the company.


The US case I reference can be seen here

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