Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link – Frequently Asked Questions

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Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link – Frequently Asked Questions
Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link – Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have any questions surrounding Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link? Let’s try and answer as many frequently asked questions as possible.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link is the next newest upcoming entry to the Kingdom Hearts series. The game is currently set to release sometime in 2024.

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Is This Mobile Game Free to Play?
0:45 Is The Full Game & Closed Beta For iOS and Android?
1:26 Will The Closed Beta Come to North America?
1:34 Will This Game Come to Other Platforms?
2:24 Does This Game Support Portrait & Landscape Mode?
2:38 Can We Adjust User Interface (UI) & Other Settings?
3:10 Does Missing-Link Have Controller Support?
3:39 Just How Big Is The File Size?
4:04 Can We Customize our Character?
4:26 Does This Game Use GPS?
5:10 Can You Adjust Privacy & Location Settings?
5:44 What is GPS Mode & How Does It Work?
6:47 What Are Hands-Free and Lock Mode?
8:11 What is Touch Mode & How Does It Work?
8:45 How Do You Collect or Spend AP in GPS and Touch Mode?
10:16 Does This Game Have a Day & Night Cycle?
10:56 How Do Gifts, Treasures Chests, ‘’Gacha’’ & Monetization Work?
13:37 What Are Quests & Area Bosses?
14:35 How Do You Level Up Your Keyblades & Pieces?
15:44 What Disney Worlds Do We Know So Far?
16:27 How Long Will Story Updates Take?
17:06 Who Wrote The Story For Missing-Link?
17:17 Will Missing-Link Have Theatre Mode?
17:29 Will This Game Have Multiplayer?
18:36 Is Freya Related to Ephemer?
19:45 Who Is The Voice In Dive Into The Heart?
20:50 Who Is The Voice During The Prologue?
21:28 What is a Drifter?
21:58 What Exactly is The Astral Plane?
24:01 Where In The Timeline Does This Game Take Place?
24:29 Any Other Interesting Things To Know About?

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