Inside Nvidia's New T239 Processor: The Next-Gen Tegra For Switch 2?

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Inside Nvidia's New T239 Processor: The Next-Gen Tegra For Switch 2?
Inside Nvidia's New T239 Processor: The Next-Gen Tegra For Switch 2?
For several years now, Nvidia has been working on a new gaming processor codenamed T239. Derived from a Tegra chip designed for the automotive and robotics industry, T239 combines an eight-core ARM CPU cluster with an Nvidia Ampere-class GPU with 1536 CUDA cores, advanced machine learning and RT capabilities – plus a file decompression engine for fast loading. Rich assesses the leaks and disclosures on T239, ties it to the next Switch project and fires up an ultra-low spec Ampere GPU to get some idea of what this processor can achieve.

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00:00 Introduction
00:39 The Beginning: The Kopite7kimi Tweet
01:24 What Is the Nvidia T234?
03:01 Introducing T239… via Leaks, LinkedIn and the Nvidia Hack
03:40 Nvidia T239 Specifications: CPU, GPU, Memory, Custom Hardware
07:39 The Smoking Gun: Switch 2’s NVN2 API Is Built For T239
08:16 Switch 2: Bobby Kotick’s Last-Gen Console Claims
09:19 Ultra Low-Power Ampere Gaming With RTX 2050 4GB
12:36 RTX 2050/750MHz Testing: Death Stranding
14:35 RTX 2050/750MHz Testing: Cyberpunk 2077
19:37 RTX 2050/750MHz Testing: A Plague Tale Requiem
21:25 RTX 2050/750MHz Testing: Control with RT Reflections
23:10 RTX 2050/750MHz Testing: Fortnite UE5
26:03 DLSS Is Not A Free Lunch & The Deep Learning Accelerator
29:31 Caveats, Question Marks and Summary
30:46 And Now, The Conclusion

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