Indiana Jones Video Game Retrospective A Complete History and Review

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Indiana Jones Video Game Retrospective A Complete History and Review
Indiana Jones Video Game Retrospective A Complete History and Review
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On June 28th 2023 – Harrison Ford will embark on his last adventure as Indiana Jones in THE DIAL OF DESTINY, finally bringing an end to a cinematic legacy that spans three decades – but does that mean the end of Indiana Jones?

Today we’ll be exploring the wild world of Indiana Jones video games and tracing it’s history from it’s early days in the arcade through to it’s death on the Xbox and PlayStation. Along the way we’ll cover everything from Monkey Island to Star Wars, Tomb Raider to Uncharted, The NES to the Nintendo 64 – all in hopes of discovering what the future could hold for Henry Jones Junior.

It’s part critique, part retrospective, part review and part history lesson – obviously full of spoilers and obviously full of my opinions.

Credit for the incredible thumbnail goes to the immensely talented – @MicahTheBrave

All media in this video is used for the purpose of review, commentary or criticism and is defined as fair use under US Copyright law.

00:00:00 – /”It’s not the distance, it’s the mileage/”
00:05:47 – The Early Era
00:18:42 – The Temple of Doom (Arcade/Ports/NES)
00:32:49 – The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
00:47:12 – The Last Crusade: The Action Game
00:53:56 – The Last Crusade NES
01:01:39 – The Fate of Atlantis
01:22:42 – The Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game
01:27:42 – Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
01:36:38 – Instruments of Chaos
01:45:12 – Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures
01:59:57 – Desktop Adventures
02:05:24 – The Infernal Machine (PC/N64)
02:24:44 – The Infernal Machine (GBC)
02:32:51 – The Emperor’s Tomb
02:55:31 – Lego Indiana Jones
03:06:54 – Staff of Kings (Wii/DS/PSP)
03:25:21 – Lego Indiana Jones 2
03:37:57 – /”Fortune and glory kid… fortune and glory/”

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