Forza Motorsport Is Everything Wrong With Modern Forza

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Forza Motorsport Is Everything Wrong With Modern Forza
Forza Motorsport Is Everything Wrong With Modern Forza
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The conglomeration of Forza throughout the past few years has been exceedingly growing mainstream upheaval and discourse, both throughout the Motorsport and Horizon series respectively. Forza Motorsport has remained dormant for over half a decade, and throughout that time, fans of Motorsport had their appetites feverishly growing for that satisfaction the series was known to provide. Forza Motorsport 2023, has done all but satisfy those in desperate want for a tremendous track racer on the Xbox platform, and arguably is the worst product to ever come out of Microsoft studios. Forza Motorsport is the culmination of everything wrong with modern Forza, and in this critical deep dive, we go over just how this is, and how to save the series from certain doom.


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0:00 Introduction
2:05 Presenting The Unpresentable
7:31 Is The Automobile Still Art?
15:08 Sponsor
15:56 Clinging On To A Legacy’s Past
20:03 Bugs, Glitches, Crashes Oh My!
25:33 Dissecting This Destructive Campaign
41:33 The Multitude Of Multiplayer Faults
51:52 In Conclusion

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