Final Fantasy 7 LoFi Mix – [1Hour]

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Final Fantasy 7 LoFi Mix - [1Hour]
Final Fantasy 7 LoFi Mix – [1Hour]
FFVII LoFi Piano Music to relax, work and study to.

City of Mako is a selection of FF7 LoFi Piano tracks covering the Midgar act of Final Fantasy 7 & Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Created using transcribed original scores, Midi Tracks, in-game Audio Samples and some of my own arrangements

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00:00 – Final Fantasy VII – Prelude (Intro)
03:40 – Final Fantasy VII – Mako Reactor
06:39 – Final Fantasy VII – Anxious Heart
10:52 – Final Fantasy VII – On That Day 5 Years Ago
14:04 – Final Fantasy VII – Tifas Theme
18:01 – Final Fantasy VIIR – Avalanche Theme
21:08 – Final Fantasy VII – Flowers in the Church
24:27 – Final Fantasy VII – Under the rotting Pizza
27:45 – Final Fantasy VIIR – Collapsed Expressway
31:49 – Final Fantasy VIIR – Midnight Rendezvous
34:54 – Final Fantasy VII – Oppressed People
38:32 – Final Fantasy VIIR – Wallmarket
42:47 – Final Fantasy VIIR – Another day at Shinra HQ
46:08 – Final Fantasy VIIR – Home Away from Home
49:04 – Final Fantasy VII – Dear to the Heart
52:36 – Final Fantasy VIIR – Hollow Skies (Ending)

Hardware Used
Akai Mini MPK III
Alesis Recital Pro

Software Used
MPC Beats
• Disclaimer
You may use any of the tracks in your intro/stream or video with permission, please contact [email protected]

Please do not re-upload Alternate artwork Remixed or Extended Versions please comment and ask!
All logos, characters, names sound FX and music for
Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 7 remake remain the property of Square Enix

Original compositions: Nobou Uematsu, Suzuki Mitsuto, Imamura Takafumi
LoFi Remixes: KilikaBeats
Piano Covers: KilikaBeats
Video Artwork: KilikaBeats
UPC : 198009125265
Label: KilikaBeats
(P): 2023 KilikaBeats
(C): 2023 KilikaBeats
Official Release date: 17 Mar 2023

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