Far Cry 7 Just Got A Huge Update Everything We Know (Ubisoft Original)

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Far Cry 7 Just Got A Huge Update Everything We Know (Ubisoft Original)
Far Cry 7 Just Got A Huge Update Everything We Know (Ubisoft Original)
Far Cry 7 Huge New UPDATE! New Story Details, Villains, Gameplay Mechanics & More (Ubisoft Original). It seems like Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal) will be making Far Cry 7 featuring a wealthy family kidnapped by New Villains and set to release in 2025. Subscribe to BalboaMania: https://bit.ly/3i5EsEo

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——- Timestamps ———
00:00​ – Far Cry 7 Huge Leak From Insider-Gaming
02:20​ – Non Linear Story & In-Game Time Limit
03:04 – Choices that impact Story
03:27 – Interrogation Mechanic
04:32 – Far Cry 5 Similarities in Game Structure
05:39 – Thoughts on the Time-Limit
07:25 – Non Linear Structure
08:14 – Thoughts on The New Gameplay Mechanic
08:48 – New Villain! Villains!!!
09:18 – Saints Row Writer Leading FAR CRY Games at Ubisoft
10:01 – Rundown Of The Leaked Information
10:47 – How A Far Cry Game will look on SNowdrop Engine
11:10 – Got to speak about VAAS

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—————– In This Video ——————–
In this video we are discussing the brand new update on the next Far Cry game, Far Cry 7 is set to be going through major changes with new leadership in charge. Far Cry 7 will be the 7th mainline game in the series and Ubisoft may be skipping the tradition spin-off title that they have made in addition to their Far Cry mainline series.

The following news is from insider-gaming.com

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