Discover the Best NEW Netflix Movies and TV Series: January 2024

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Discover the Best NEW Netflix Movies and TV Series: January 2024
Discover the Best NEW Netflix Movies and TV Series: January 2024
Ask yourself what are the best new movie or web series to start watching on Netflix in January 2024? Discover the Latest Netflix Movies and TV Series: January 2024 with a quick review and recommendations for all the best new movies, Netflix Originals, and TV series coming to the Netflix streaming platform in January 2024 plus some bonus Anime originals and new seasons on Netflix. So get ready to start streaming these amazing movies, series, and originals in 2024! We even included some hidden gem movies on this list!

We will do a short review of all of these must-see new Netflix titles, from Netflix’s new original mystery drama series to Animated classics. Along with mystery horror movies, heart-pounding action movies, heartwarming comedy movies, International movies, and web series, there’s a TV show, film, or movie for everyone on this top list. Whatever you are looking for these new Netflix web series and films are sure to satisfy! Netflix has one of the most fulfilling libraries of any streaming provider with great original web TV series, documentaries, movies, limited series, and stand-up comedy.

Is Netflix still worth it in 2024 like the other services like Amazon Prime Video, MAX, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus? I think it is worth it, check out some of Netflix’s best-hitting the platform in 2024 and see what you should watch. If you do not believe us you can check out all of these Netflix Movies and TV series official trailers below.

We dive into some of the best Netflix movies, tv series, and films in 2023 including…


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0:23 – New on Netflix January 1st
4:24 – New on Netflix January 4th
5:10 – New on Netflix January 5th
5:45 – New on Netflix January 11th
6:22 – New on Netflix January 12th
7:02 – New on Netflix January 19th
7:23 – New on Netflix January 25th
8:21 – New Anime on Netflix January
8:51 – Outro

Stop mindlessly scrolling or wasting your precious time and enjoy all of the best movies, Originals, and TV series on Netflix in January 2024!

NETFLIX Trailers

January 2024

Fool Me Once Trailer –
Delicious in Dungeon Trailer –
Society of the Snow Trailer –
The Brothers Sun Trailer –
Good Grief Trailer –
Gyeongseong Creature Part 2 Trailer –
Boy Swallows Universe Trailer –
Sonic Prime Trailer –
Lift Trailer –
maboroshi Trailer –
Sixty Minutes Trailer –
Griselda Trailer –
Masters of the Universe: Revolution Trailer –
The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocolypse Trailer –

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