CES 2020: NVIDIA Turing Laptops – ASUS 360hz Gaming Monitor !

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CES 2020: NVIDIA Turing Laptops - ASUS 360hz Gaming Monitor !
CES 2020: NVIDIA Turing Laptops – ASUS 360hz Gaming Monitor !
Leo and Luke are over at CES in Las Vegas this week for all the latest on the newest releases. Today they spent some time with Nvidia to look at the plethora of new turing laptops they are bringing out with partners in 2020.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2FuuXYp

140 Turing laptops on the market
Around 60 with Max Q

Asus Zephyrus G14:
• World’s first 14/” laptop with RTX.
• RTX 2060 Max Q
• 65W TGP
• Enables new power in the 14” ultraportable form factor, especially with its slender chassis and low weight

HP Omen X 2S:
• Showing off dual-screen laptop, even if the secondary screen is really small compared to the ASUS version
• Both screens can be powered by the Nvidia GPU (not as if 1 has been physically wired to the Intel iGPU only)

RTX Studio and Creators:
***pics – RTX Studio Laptop, HP AIO Davinci AI GeForce, ASUS ProArt, Nvidia Gaugan
• RTX studio makes a lot of sense as creators don’t constantly want driver updates for new games that they don’t care about if just doing Premiere and other Adobe stuff – makes sense
• Showing Adobe Premiere Pro doing video reframing for usage on different screen resolutions (e.g. mobile phone) and using AI with the GPU acceleration to do the task.
• ASUS ProArt StudioBook One Quadro RTX 6000 shows what power can be put inside a laptop. Already seen at IFA but Nvidia confirmed that they worked hard with ASUS to do the design especially for cooling.
o The demo was showing a really heavy CAD image of a person that was rendering when selected and moved. Pushing the CUDA capability of the RTX 6000 Quadro very hard indeed
• HP AIO PC with up to RTX 2080 Max-Q. The system was surprisingly sleek. Using the GPU to do AI-based computation for inserting intermediate frames into slowed down 8K R3D footage. With this mode, the video looked choppy but with the AI smoothing feature, the inserted frames helped smooth motion. A few seconds of this test footage took a few mins to complete the smoothing task on a GeForce power system, Intel iGPU should be far longer, and CPU only was around an hour.
• Nvidia Gaugan is a cool feature that uses AI inference to try to infer what is trying to be drawn on a screen with a pen. Cool feature and useful for artists who need a quick, basic model

• More new TVs announced – 2020 OLED TVs – and they have G-Sync support with a HDMI 2.1 VRR graphics card. Interesting to see LG catering for G-Sync users inside its TVs.

Acer and ASUS G-Sync Ultimate monitors:
• 4k 144Hz
• 1152 local dimming zones
• HDR up to 1400 nits peak brightness
• G-Sync ultimate
• Really good colours thanks to the local dimming zones. Very high peak brightness.
• Not sure on price, but probably very expensive

ASUS 360Hz gaming monitor:
• Showing the differences versus even 240Hz in some games and the e-sports type game on screen was smoother on 360Hz when viewing things like health bars and names.
• Designed for competitive gamers and enthusiasts of games such as CS:GO
• Showed a CS:GO demo where people could generally improve their shooting performance versus 60Hz monitor

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