Apple Buying EA

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Apple Buying EA
Apple Buying EA
What if Apple owned Apex Legends and Madden
PS5 Pro:
Apple Switch:
Best Handhelds that AREN’T the Steam Deck:
15 Laptops BETTER Than the MacBook:
Dumbest Products Apple STILL Sells:
This Tech Is Older than You Think:


Chapter Titles
0:00 Uh oh…
0:11 EA is on the Trade Block
0:57 EA is worth HOW MUCH?!?!
1:57 “Apple Would Hate EA..”
2:48 Would Apple Fire Andrew Wilson?
4:07 “It Makes More Sense for Disney..”
5:10 “What about Amazon..?”
6:20 EA Would be Available on Luna
7:28 “Disney Could Own Star Wars Devs..”
8:37 Will EA Games be on Apple Arcade?
9:17 “What If Apple Removed the Microtransactions..”
10:26 “It’s Not the Game That Makes Money…”
11:37 What Do You Think?

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