(Animation) What Really Happens When You Leave Cult Of The Lamb?

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(Animation) What Really Happens When You Leave Cult Of The Lamb?
(Animation) What Really Happens When You Leave Cult Of The Lamb?
A Cult Of The Lamb animation that accurately reveals what your animal followers do when you leave your camp alone for a day. Lots of sinners, dissenters, even cannibals… looks like it’s time to make a few sacrifices. What a great way to celebrate the first day of Autumn/Fall! As well as the blood moon festival.

For those who don’t know, Cult of the Lamb is a very unique game, but to put it short, it’s like The Binding Of Isaac and Animal Crossing had a baby. A grim… scary (but also cute) baby.

This was a passion project (created in Toonboom Harmony), so I don’t expect to receive many views on this compared to my other cartoons. However, I wanted to make this animation to express my gratitude for Cult Of The Lamb and a big thanks to Massive Monster (the developers) as well as the fanbase of this amazing and unique game. I tried blending my drawing and animation style with the Cult Of The Lamb game art, as well as hints of Animal Crossing designs in there too! There are a few references to my own playthrough of the game too, like Samantha the cute kitten, Paprika the adorable red panda, and the green dino that looks like Yoshi, who I named… Yoshi. Creative, right?

This is my proudest animation yet, there is a lot more action and fluid movements than my previous projects so if it does well then who knows, there may be another Cult Of The Lamb Animation on the horizon with a much bigger idea. Thank you very much for watching!
Credit for the pale stripy fox follower design: Cyan Artsy

Credit for the bee follower design: Deltaplanet
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