18 Settings that have almost DOUBLED my iPhone Battery life!

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18 Settings that have almost DOUBLED my iPhone Battery life!
18 Settings that have almost DOUBLED my iPhone Battery life!
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Up until about a month ago, I was feeling pretty smug about the fact that my iPhone 14 Pro had lasted about 9 months on 100% battery health. That is until we took a drive in our new car, and I put the phone on the included wireless phone charger for about 2 hours, and the wireless charger absolutely cooked my phone, resulting in a 2% drop in battery health. And honestly, from that point on, it feels like the floodgates have opened. Now, it’s worth pointing out that lithium ion batteries do lose chemical health over time, this is totally normal, but I’m definitely feeling the pinch a little bit now, with a phone that would usually last all day, now needing charging at least once during the day. 

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to do some research, and find out what I could do to keep my battery lasting as long as possible. Now, I can’t restore any battery health, but what I have been able to do is drastically increase the amount of time that my battery lasts, with it now actually lasting longer than it did before it lost it’s battery health. These are settings that I think you should know about, and whilst you might not decide to use all of them, you should definitely consider using some of them, to get as much life out of your battery as you possibly can.

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0:00 – Intro
1:09 – Battery Data
3:03 – Optimised Battery Charging
4:02 – Low Power Mode
5:06 – Animated Lock Screens
6:21 – Dark Mode
7:44 – Always On Display
9:30 – Always Lock
10:10 – Auto Brightness
11:35 – Reduce White Point
12:38 – Motion
14:19 – Raise to Wake
14:57 – Notifications
17:24 – Background App Refresh
18:53 – Voice and Data
21:01 – Push Mail
22:02 – Analytics & Improvements
22:42 – Location & System Services
25:34 – Haptic Keyboard
26:12 – Widgets
27:03 – End

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