Malay guy with chinese milf(real)

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piusDEStgt2015-03-10 15:26:08

great action. She loves to suck.......

leonard19852015-03-11 00:11:13

mcm kenal je pompuan ni :-p

atallblac...2015-03-11 02:51:39

look at the nipples ...nice

jukaicot2015-03-13 09:01:20

Due to unforeseen circumstances matter our dear Jukaicot has chosen to shut off his open profile 1 hour back. i can undesrtand his feeling.

jukaicot2015-03-13 09:45:56

yes bro.the moment it went public i was bombarded with request from profiles with no content( weird they never contribute and besides most of my uploads are public)also received comment from evangelist and pak ustad (new way of preaching at porn site.sambil layan blue bagi ceramah)

jukaicot2015-03-13 12:38:36

that what i was saying to you 1 month ago and u did advised me to continue as sharing is caring. now i have 19 thousands ban peoples in my list. i m the first one to refuse friendship. i locked with passwords anyone like that videos than i send link and password to exchange. it works datok jukaicot. many here dont read rules they JUST click friends and comments macam orang giler hilang pedoman.sikit hari aku pon hampir biul.

jukaicot2015-03-14 02:01:22

semalam jer 10 pm i dapat.please add me. please bro.profile satu content pun takder susah2

mrxailang122015-03-15 07:18:59

ada website tak?

nakharamk...2015-03-15 18:39:47

Niceeee... Chinese aleays my thanggg... Thank you for upload bro...

jukaicot2015-03-16 05:54:34

ye ker but nanti umur 45 ke atas dah tak cantik.kulit diorang banyak bintik hitam dan pigmentation

nakharamk...2015-03-16 10:50:09

Hahaha daym kau mmg pandai bakar line siot sebut pasal pigmentation...

kamalcaen2015-03-23 16:27:03

nice one bro......powerrr...hehe

esqfunsee...2015-04-29 17:19:31

Ya gotta love this lady-a girl on a mission!

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